Morfy Plugins

Simple gallery plugin

Cool plugin from Nakome. Simple portfolio plugin to display your portfolio list in your theme.

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Discus comments

Disqus is a service and tool for web comments and discussions.

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Simple social share network

This plugin created by Stradfred. To shared your post to everyone.

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Like google images

Cool plugin from Nakome. This plugin like on google images, with some description.

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Contact form

The plugin use PHPMailer, ajax and use Bootstrap Modal for process (if error or ok show), you can see in myContact/lib folder and you can configure this.

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Edit Page

This plugins add ability to edit website pages

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Blog pagination

This plugin adds pagination to your blog created by Nakome.

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Breadcrumb plugin for Morfy

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Blog Pagination 2

One more plugin for blog pagination created by Taufik Nurrohman

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Admin plugin for Morfy adds ability to check is user logged or no.

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